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Religious Blog - 2 Timothy 1:7

Christians (1) Do not have Fear (Greek - deilia) Timidity or cowardice (2) They possess (1) power (Greek - dynamis) Force, ability, strength, violence. (2) love (Greek - agape), benevolence unconditionally. (3) sound mind ( Greek - sophronismos) self-control, discipline. Worldly situations (sickness, financial strains, mental stress, weariness, uncomfortable feelings, & distresses, etc.) come developing platforms of intimidation and cowardliness; however, these behavioral models are not from God and not part of Christian’s DNA. God creates us in His image and according to His likeness to operate in Power and dominion. When fear sprouts up, do not give it room, reject it, and cast those ungodly traits and thoughts down. Until God’s Power, love, sound mind develop and reign through and through. Note, divisiveness in any area only brings disaster. The disciples, men & women, gathered together in one place for ten days, finally uniting under God’s direction -tarry, wait, for Power (Dynamis) to be witnesses for Father God. Get somewhere, deal with fearful situations, & wait on Him. The Power is coming, and as it shows up, God’s turning fear into faith, sickness into healing, bondage into breakthrough, & death into life. Everyone & everything will witness God’s ability to manifesting in life. Ow, go ahead and give God an “Empowerment Praise.”

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